Data is the tool by which organisations make a reasonably and scientifically accurate judgement. The judgement could cost a few pounds or could run into millions thereby impacting on the existence of the company. With some error in judgement irreversible for certain firms, it becomes essential for companies to decide how to capture critical variables necessary for success.

Big ‚Äčorganisations generally have the financial muscle to capture, analyse and report data, but small and the medium-sized firms usually adopt a rule of the thumb approach in arriving at decisions which at times can be  dysfunctional. This is because the variable that makes certain decision viable at one point might have changed or the situation that the decision is being based upon  might not be similar.

It now behoves me to ask a question, how do small and medium-sized firms make correct or reasonably accurate decisions? How should a firm answer business question necessary for survival?

For a customer, for instance, to make a decision to purchase or enter into a transaction, there are thoughts that have gone into the decision. So, capturing such thoughts and data generated from that as knowledge could help the organisation in making decisions, decisions backed by evidence, decisions backed by what was successful, decisions backed by data. Not capturing such intelligence could mean an organisation is missing out on making use of a valuable asset in its possession

Small and the medium-sized firm generally do not have the finance or the expertise to invest in tools to efficiently capture these details, analyse the data, present and visualise the valuable insights to aid in decision making. It then makes outsourcing an available option for the business to save on cost but obtain expertise.

At Pirolabs, we help business owners to gain an improved perspective on their business, we help capture and analyse your data and produce insights based on empirically tested indicators delivered via dashboards, powered by the cloud. We open a new wave of questions and answers which will help firms improve  their performance both to internal and external stakeholders. Our expertise in the cloud allow us to do this cost effectively and efficiently.