To meet the global challenge of COVID-19, the world must come together.

At Pirolabs we are working with our partners and in the community to provide support to those impacted by the epidemic.

Pirolabs is protecting our clients, partners and communities with robust business continuity and pandemic response operations aligned with recommendations of the World Health Organization and governmental regulations. Our innovators have clear and specific guidance to handle a variety of scenarios, and we are regularly reminding teams of the simple, effective health tips such as not shaking hands, social distancing and hand washing. The vast majority of our Innovators in affected areas will continue to work from home unless they provide an essential function.

Folding @ Home

Join nearly millions of users and donate your unused processing power to scientific research. Sign up to be part of the COVID-19 project.

Remote Working

The need for reliable remote working tools continues to be a hot topic amonsgt many suveryed organisations.

We are able to provide your organisation (especially front line, schools and non profit) guidance subsequently solutions to meet your remote working requirements

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