A case study in marketing

Welcome to Pirolabs, where we love innovation and see powerful potential in cloud computing. In today’s world data is a core asset and the importance of this fact will only grow greater in the future. Only companies who understand this and treat their data as an asset will be able to derive the multiple benefits that come from data driven decision making and solutions. Combining this fact with the cloud, that allows real-time processing and visualisation of your data can give you an edge.

Today we will explore how an organization can extract value from sales data, but before we go into this for the uninitiated, I will define the basics of what we are doing.

  • Business Intelligence Analytics- BIA is the iterative methodical exploration of an organization’s data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis. This is the core discipline/skill set which powers data analysis to provide business insights and one of Pirolabs core services.
  • Descriptive Analytics- Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand the present state of a business
  • The Cloud- The cloud is a global network of connected servers and together operate as a single ecosystem. The cloud offers affordable computing power, and makes it available ubiquitously.

Okay, let’s get into the meat of the matter, let’s consider the bespoke suite company “Born to be the Boss Inc.TM” We have historical sales data and want to make some sense of it to help plan our next marketing campaign. By analysing and visualizing ‘your’ data in the form of a pareto distribution (see below) a lot of insights can be gained. (Bear in mind that before we get to this step, we have to perform data integration, processing and AI powered statistical analysis, all of which we perform quickly and efficiently in the cloud and the pareto distribution is the result visualised)

We realise that 80% of our sales come from just two markets, the UK and the United Arab Emirates. Now that’s some useful insight, because now when planning our advertising campaign, we know exactly who and where to target.

  • This also means that we should put our plans for world domination on hold at least just for the moment as majority of our sales come from the UK (66%), 
  • On the other hand, we have been gaining an increasing interest and sales from customers in the middle east (14%). Overall, we have a combined sale of (34%) for all overseas purchases, but what are the costs associated with moving into these markets and what was the cause for this interest and sales? A further analysis of how customers heard about BTBTH Inc would provide more insight on this.
  • These insights can also inform the direction of Boss Inc strategy for the future